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Hello, my name is Justin Gesso. About a decade ago I was probably like you. I had a great career and was comfortable…but I wanted more. I had an MBA and a good run in the corporate world, but I wanted out of the grind. I wanted more time, more money, and to live life on my terms.

When I saw the ability to generate money on the side, I went big stringing together several projects. Within 1.5 years of quitting my job, I was making more than double my 6-figure corporate salary.

And it’s only getting better. It’s not just the money either. I have more flexibility than I’ve ever had. I get to work on what excites me.

Instead of building a life to suit my job, I have built money-markers that suit my life.

And as a bit of an introduction, don’t assume I had special circumstances. I didn’t have a windfall of cash or any other event to give me a leg up. I was a generic middle-class guy. I started as a call-center agent, worked hard and smart to make my way up, made it to a leadership position at a young age, and then quit to do my own thing.

I got where I am by deliberately focusing on what I wanted and figuring out what I needed to get there. I took action, made a lot of mistakes, but ultimately got it done. If you’re reading this, you probably have what it takes to do the same.

Since then, I’ve been afforded the ability and freedom to pursue bucket-list items, such as writing a book, becoming the bestselling author of “Leave the Grind Behind.”


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