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Dragon's Awakening

A dragon prince, an Order priestess. Accident brings them together… or was it a destiny?

Ammarok was the favored prince of dragons, geared to take the throne when his father passed it down to him. The visionary prince, with an idea of peace for the future of Amara between his kingdom and the humans with which they’d warred with for millennia. When his brother Jadar, the elder and most envious of his siblings, uses him as a cover for his own treason to plunge Amara once more into turmoil, Ammarok finds himself cast out, and in danger of being killed by more than just those dragons loyal to his treacherous brother.

Betrayals left and right, spies and whispers of prophecy in the air. Will Shia and Ammarok live through it? Perhaps their connection is more than just coincidence...