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Dr. Kathryn Kelly is a Kindle Scout winning author for her book Begin Again and a member of Romance Writers of America. She lives with her family in north Louisiana where she works with veterans as a psychologist. But even before she was a psychologist, she was a writer. When she’s not helping others or making up people in her head, she can be found reading, shopping, running on the treadmill, and... reading some more. But her favorite time is spent at the computer weaving fairy tales of romance.


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After Beginning Again


In the Beginning

Meet Noah and Savannah twenty years before their story picks up in Begin Again. In the Beginning is a glimpse into their life twenty years before they reconnected in Begin Again. They were young college students, innocently head over heels in love. This short prequel will give you a peek at life in 1997 and offers a romantic escape to a Florida beach. 

Savannah Richards’ freshman year at college had turned into the kind of adventure she’d only read about. Studious and serious, she’s the complete opposite of her boyfriend. But after a year of being practically attached at the hip to him, the guy who wanted to try everything at least once had managed to talk Savannah out of her comfort zone more than once. Just like he’d talked her into flying to Florida for a quick weekend on the beach



Storm Born

Storm Born is a short story in Kathryn Kelly’s A Rift in Time Series…Centuries ago a young woman’s life was saved when a mysterious man opened a rift in time for her to escape through. But the rip didn’t heal, and now her descendants are inadvertently slipping through that portal. Misplaced in time, will any of them find their way home again? And will they want to, when love awaits them on the other side?

Storm Born is best read after reading Twist of Fate and When the Stars Align.