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K.C. Finn is the author of more than 20 novels in just four years in the writing business. She is multi-award-winning, having received the coveted Chanticleer Best Gothic Fiction 2016 award for her novel The Book Of Shade, a 78,000-word fantasy novel that took just 16 days to pen. She has also received accolades from the RONÉ Awards for Best YA Paranormal Fiction 2015 (The Mind’s Eye, 2nd Place) and The Readers’ Favorite Award for Best YA Science Fiction book of 2016 (Legion Lost, Commended Finalist) and is currently a semi-finalist for Best YA Book of The Year in the Dante Rossetti Prize 2017. In the world of horror fiction, she has also shared the charts with the likes of Stephen King and Dean Koontz for her worldwide best-selling story collection Sinister Sentiments.


Teen & Young Adult

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Mira and the Maw

A ripping steampunk novella, in which our young heroine faces her darkest fears.
Mirabelle Blake is the youngest in a family of revered zombie hunters, and the only one not allowed to join the family business. Whilst her father and brothers battle the merciless Maw - a vicious underground nest of persistent flesh-eating corpses - Mira's obsession with weaponry and technology slowly grows. Read along as her breath-taking inventions hurtle her through a dark world filled with action, tragedy and the desperation for survival.