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Kiersten has been writing stories all of her life... in her head. She's finally taking the time to put those stories down on paper for the rest of the world to read. Kiersten is 'planning' on publishing one book per year, or... at least that's the goal.

Most days, she can be found at 'Command Central' (her beloved desk.) It's 7' x 7' with lots of storage, yet there's only 1 square foot of space (on a good day) available for her to utilize due to all of the stacks of 'things to do' when she has the time; which could literally be years from now. Command Central has been an integral part of Kiersten's 'Master Plan' of taking over the world, for nearly 20 years now. It's seen a lot of work get done, and a lot of stories written. Kiersten is also a firm believer in the fact that 'duct tape fixes everything,' since that is what's helping to hold her desk together, at the moment.

When Kiersten is not sitting at Command Central, busy at work, she can usually be found jockeying for rations of food in the kitchen with her two teenage sons who live with her in small-town America. She does admit to having a plethora of hiding spaces for edible contraband (candy and other snacks which shouldn't be consumed with a sedentary lifestyle), in the 49 square feet of her beloved desk. However, she also has her suspicions that her kids know where those hiding spots are, and patiently wait until they are sure Kiersten has completely forgotten about the hidden treats, and claim them for their own.

Lastly, to pretend she has an active outdoors life, Kiersten plants a garden each spring for approximately two hours during the beginning of the season until she remembers there's something she needs to get done and goes back inside to work. She spends the rest of the growing season observing the natural weed overgrowth battling with the products from the 'money' (flowers ain't cheap) she planted in the ground, earlier, either through her kitchen window when she's refilling her coffee IV tree, or on her way to the car to get to another appointment/event.

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