The author's mother taught her to read and write at the age of 3, something the poor woman later came to regret. Crayon is particularly difficult to remove from the carpet. Starting school aged 4, K T Bowes refused to learn phonetics calling it, 'baby talk' and so the pattern was set for a life which strayed away from the beaten track. She went to Wales to obtain an English degree and was taught by a Scotsman and an American. Leaving with her degree certificate clutched in her sticky little hand she went not into teaching or writing but law enforcement. Over the next decade she gained a husband, four gorgeous children and a fair bit of weight. She shed the weight but wisely kept the family members. In 2006 she climbed onto an aeroplane with her family, a suitcase and a little bit of cash, bound for a different life in New Zealand. During the long, lonely hours while she searched for a job while everyone else was out at work and school, she remembered the immortal words of her father who said, "When are you going to use that darn degree, girl? That was a waste of money."

She wrote a book and then another and another. Twenty published books later and a few best sellers and she's still writing, whilst working part time as an archivist. She runs slowly, horse rides badly and admits she can't cook to save her life. K T Bowes is a Christian, but not a very good one. Apparently it's all about the trying and she's very trying.

K T Bowes lives in a little house on a riverbank in the north island of New Zealand with her husband, cat, the odd visiting grown up child and a head full of her characters.


Historical Romance
Teen & Young Adult
Women's Fiction

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Free From the Tracks

Take one teenage girl with a flaky group of friends and a terrible, life-altering secret.

Add a handsome bad boy with a drug addicted mother, violent stepfather and the weight of the world on his young shoulders.

Mix up with a handful of very nasty girls and shape into an incredible school yard mess. Don't eat. It's toxic.

Free From the Tracks is about real teenagers with real lives and daily struggles which weigh them down. Who gets to decide which side of the tracks is the right side? And if you end up on the wrong side, how do you cross back over?

Love. That's the answer. Because love can find you when you're at your worst and they tell us love will always find a way. For Dane and Sophia it will have to, because no one else seems willing.


About Hana

Hana's bored and lonely. She craves excitement and love.

Enter the new English teacher, Maori, imposing and built like a demi-god.

While Hana fluffs around as only Hana can, Logan's got other plans. He let her slip through his fingers once on a Circle Line train in London years before. He won't make the same mistake twice. Hana's memories of that journey are shrouded in misery as her world collapsed around her, but Logan's determined to make her remember.

Fate threatens to rob them of opportunity a second time, as a series of systematic attacks on Hana uncover a web of lies and deceit.

To solve the mystery, Hana will need to lose her heart.


The Actuary

Rohan Andreyev is the last person Emma expects to meet at an old friend's wedding and it throws her life into disarray. She made someone else a promise many years before; a pact forged for her own protection. She honours it by running from Rohan, just like she did six years earlier.

Emma isn't the only one with secrets. Rohan's are far worse. He's The Actuary, a code name for his mercenary dealings in a business underworld few experience. His job is to neutralise risk, whatever that risk might be. He tracks people for a living and Emma's never been hard to find. He just didn't want to look. Now he does.

As Emma hides in her ruined rental house on an estate not even the police dare to visit, Rohan will seek her out and deliver the awful news. The help she's waiting for just isn't coming.