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Multi-Award-Winning Author, LaQueisha Malone was born and raised in Arkansas, where she currently resides with her family. She has worked as a Psychiatric Aide at a children’s Habilitation Center for 9 years and is currently the Education Administrative Assistant at the same Habilitation Center.

Writing has always been a part of her life. She began writing fiction stories and poetry about the age of 13. It was her way of coping with everyday situations. She accredits Dr. Maya Angelou for her love of writing poetry. She also writes Young Adult Fiction and Contemporary Adult Fiction.

Her poetry has been entered into numerous contests, and many of them were published in book and CD compilations through The International Library of Poetry. She also won many awards for these publications.

She taught Creative Writing at The Lighthouse of Wisdom for three years and has released three books A New Pair of Shoes Step In Mine, Cell of the Mind, and A Walk In My Shoes. She has a featured short story in the Love, Marriage, & Divorce Anthology released 2016 and Sex, Lies, & Church Anthology. She has been featured several times online from Blogs, Radio, and Magazines such as Sledge Rock City, NuSouth Magazine, KnowUrEnemy BlogTalkTadio, The1Essence Radio, One West Radio, SiRR Magazine, the Larry Love Show, the Author's Corner with H. D. Campbell, the BluePrint with Treasure Blue, and Urban Grapevine Magazine.

In 2013, LaQueisha Malone launched her own publishing company Strawberry Publications, LLC. She wants to offer Authors a ripened experience of publishing. In 2015, LaQueisha Malone was Awarded 2015 Poet of the Year at the AAMBC Literary Awards in Atlanta, GA. She launched Strawberry-Lit Magazine in 2016.


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Love, Marriage, & Divorce Anthology; Sex, Lies, & Church Anthology; and Secrets Amongst Friends

My name is LaQueisha Malone, and I am the 2015 Award-Winning Author of the AAMBC Literary Awards for Poet of the Year. I am an avid reader. I write about real-life situations and how to use faith, prayer, and belief in God to overcome obstacles. Whether it’s Love, Marriage, & Divorce Anthology with Deshay and Quan; Sex, Lies, & Church Anthology with Nailah and Priscilla; or Secrets Amongst Friends with Naomi and Mya, you’ll see just how real I aim to get.
Almost a decade after I published my first book, I realized writing was something I wanted to do for the rest of my life. When I’m not busy writing or mentoring authors, I enjoy family time with my family from watching TV, movies, outdoor play, or sporting events. My favorite TV shows are Once Upon A Time, Ghost Whisperer, Law & Order: SV



Secrets Amongst Friends

Once so sure of herself, but now broken by bitterness and rage, Naomi Marshall has to overcome the world-wind of temptations she has eagerly given in to. Yet, hold on to her traditional religious values. Her life seemed perfect on the outside, but inside she was a caregiver to a mother who sometimes let wine and alcohol control her actions.
Mya Benson was a troubled teen, who was no stranger to the courts. In search for something to believe in, Naomi seemed to be just the angel she had hoped for. Until she discovers the life she’s been running away from is not far behind her.
Could the strength they have acquired help them in their weakest hour, or will their lives unravel and take a turn for the worse?