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Women's Fiction

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After plucking up the courage to approach the billionaire owner of her company, Alexis Kyrkos, she's frustrated to see that he doesn't even recognize her, despite the fact she's one of his employees! Desperate to push him, she instead proposes a game of dare, plotting to garner his attention by any means necessary...

An escalating series of sexy, salacious dares descends into a steamy encounter that very night, as Jasmine finally feels first-hand the dominant streak Alexis Kyrkos is renowned for. Having lied to him about her true identity however, she soon begins to fear the consequences of her billionaire lover discovering his new sub is his own employee, especially as she falls deeper and deeper in love, and into the dark mystique that surrounds him...


Bosses and Babies

Bosses and Babies is a sizzling hot collection of three full-length romance novels from the filthy-minded pair of Layla Valentine and Ana Sparks. Featuring domineering billionaires, a secret baby, and some very steamy scenes, you can grab it for absolutely free!


Yes, Sir



Yes, Sir - A Steamy Billionaire Menage Romance

Clara's quickly growing tired of her job; a high-class escort, she yearns to go back to college and make something respectable of her life. So when she's offered one final client - a mysterious, enigmatic, and dominantly powerful man - can she resist the opportunity?

After an earth-shattering, mind-numbing night with the nameless man, Clara is thrilled to discover he's left his wallet behind, and soon sets out on a foolhardy quest to reunite the man with his possession, and of course, herself.

What Clara hadn't considered, however, is that Stephanos Kofidis - a reclusive and tortured billionaire businessman, with a taste for dominance - moves in dark circles, and before long, Clara finds herself swept into a world of dark intrigue...