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Leann M. Rettell was born and raised in West Virginia but now lives in North Carolina with her husband, three children, two dogs, and two cats. She is a full time family physician by day, full time sports mom by night, and writer somewhere in between. She is the author of the Conjuragic Series.


Teen & Young Adult
Women's Fiction

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Across the Veil- Sample

Ora Stone is a witch in hiding from the others of her kind. Only she has no idea because her memories were erased.
The amulet blocking her powers was lost. In an accident she used a levitation spell-outing which summoned protectors from Conjuragic to investigate. After some aggressive interrogation Ora confessed and was arrested and taken to Conjuragic to stand trial for her crimes.
While in prison she has to work with her defender to rediscover her past and prove her innocence. But just when Ora thinks all hope is lost, she discovers her family’s secret, which is at the heart of a conspiracy within the political world that has been brewing for decades. Her true capabilities are revealed, and she must decide to fight backor leave her fate in the hands of the hands of the tribunal.