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Born in September 1985, Laurie grew up in South Staffordshire, England.

After working for ten years as a full-time medical secretary in a busy hospital, Laurie happily married Matt Holmes in 2016 and gave up her secretarial role to assist in marketing her new husband's video production business and realise her life-long dream of becoming a published author.

Inheriting her love of books from her mother, Laurie has been an avid reader from a young age. As such, she had a very misspent youth, often devouring fifty books per year! (No time for partying when there are books to be read!). Her first love will always be fantasy and science fiction, although she does love any story well told.

Besides writing, Laurie is also an artist and enjoys illustrating her work and concepts.

Laurie currently lives in South Staffordshire with her husband Matt and their two whippets, Freya & Loki.



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The Forbidden

As the blood settles into the snow, Rebaa's life lies in tatters. Her adopted tribe has been slaughtered behind her, leaving her lost and isolated in a freezing and hostile world.

Burdened by her murdered lover's offspring, Rebaa must now face the impossible. She sets out on a perilous journey to find a safe haven for them both. But what haven could possibly exist for one who bears... the Forbidden.

Thus begins the first step in the Ancestors Saga...

Exciting and compelling, the Ancestor's Saga is an epic journey 40,000 years into our own dark and forgotten past. As the world teeters on the brink of another glacial winter, homo sapiens are not the only human to walk the Earth. When the destiny of the entire human race hangs in the balance, the prize for survivors will be Earth itself.