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Lenore Harper is a passionate Paranormal & Contemporary Romance Author who resides and creates in Columbus, Georgia. Hailing from the same area, her love of writing began early on and it has stayed with her ever since.

Lenore’s books are teeming with the allure of alpha men and the undeniably strong women who show them that love is the most powerful force of them all. She is also the type of author who walks to the beat of a drum that is only audible to her, spending countless hours chatting with the characters of her books who won’t stop talking until their stories are all written.

Some of Lenore’s muses include Jane Austen, Celia Kyle, Harper Sloan, Abbie Zanders, Heather Rainier, and any other authors who have transformed the romance genre into a continual frenzy of unquenchable passion.

When she isn’t writing, Lenore still enjoys to nurture her creative side with photography, cooking, great books, and finding uniquely clever ways to drive her beloved siblings up the wall. And being the Southern gal that she is, she loves jeeping and is a pecan pie and sweet tea aficionada. However, alpha men, the paranormal, motorcycles, and happily ever afters are what Lenore lives for. And even if “happily ever after” takes longer than desired, she finds it worthwhile (as long as the adventure is interesting enough).



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Beautifully Unexpected

Connect with Emily and Jackson as they navigate their one year anniversary.

Plans for their one year anniversary take an unexpected turn as Emily and Jackson discover a surprise they weren’t prepared for. As Emily attempts to soothe Jackson’s fear and nervousness over the horrors of their mating she finds that sometimes you simply have to let hibernating bears lie. Jackson works to show Emily that he doesn’t care about the past only the future only to find that Emily has her own fears. It will take a simple gift to teach the pair the true meaning of marriage and family.