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Award-winning author, Linda Heavner Gerald, recently received the Florida Authors and Publishers Association silver medal for Literature. She was also recently voted by the public as one of Fifty Great Authors You Should be Reading as well as placing as a finalist in Novelunity, a competition for authors from all over the world.
Mrs. Gerald and her husband reside on the Forgotten Coast of Florida where they love to bike on trails by their home and enjoy walking on the most beautiful beaches in the world.
Linda writes each day. Her goal is to demonstrate that God loves all of us. No one is beyond his redemptive grace. A degree in nursing allows this author to incorporate information into her writing with the hope that a reader, who is suffering from a similar problem, may consult a professional. She also is a world traveler who enjoys transporting readers to distant places from the safety and convenience of their home. Linda feels that a good book should be more than just a good read; it should enlighten readers. Linda has thirteen published books.


Women's Fiction

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Sins of Summer

Sins of Summer
by Linda Heavner Gerald

Audrey Brock thought of herself as a golden girl. Her dream life shrouded her as the cocoon of a metamorphosing butterfly. Suddenly, everything changed. Her gorgeous, wealthy husband fell for another. Her best friend tired of her. Wine and food became a crutch. Her beautiful appearance changed into an overweight woman who no longer cared about such trivial matters as appearance. When she thought things could not get worse, her best friend arrived late one evening with a new threat. The monster who robbed her of childhood in her fifteenth year was coming for her again. She sadly thought of all the years of mental torture she suffered because of him. This time, he would demand the only thing left in her life, which she loved.

Audrey and Diana devised


Till Heaven then Forever

This is the tale of the "Coming of Age" of a young man who desired to serve his country after World War Two but was too young. It demonstrates the patriotism of a different era. Brain joined the Merchant Marines at the age of thirteen so that he could serve his Great Country. Quickly, his resolve and determination catapulted him into success after he retired from twenty years in the Air Force. Brian was happy but not complete. He just couldn't meet the right woman. Then, he met Lily.

They "had it all" by the standards of the world. Yet, beautiful homes and cars could not fill the void which tugged at them. Eventually, Lily found the answer for them.