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Allow me to introduce myself. I am Lou Sopher. Aside from poking people with my pitchfork and various other forms of general mischief, I enjoy long walks on the beach and spending time roasting marshmallows over the lake of fire in my hometown.

My current avatar grew up with 10 siblings in a small town south of Kansas City and learned from an early age that we all have a devil inside. Now I'm here to tell you a story of how I realized this shocking truth and how it changed my perspective on everything...


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Dinners with Satan: Part 1

We all know you shouldn't make a deal with the devil. But what do you do when you find out you've married her?

My name is Lou Sopher, and I thought I had the perfect life of suburban matrimony - but that illusion came crashing down when I discovered my wife's extramarital escapades. Caught in the throes of a vicious divorce, I discovered a new side of her, one I'd never seen before... a side with horns, fangs, and a digital pitchfork.
As I navigated the treacherous waters of un-marrying, I began to notice another devil in my life...
The devil hiding in my own mirror.
This is one dinner date you don't want to miss!
Cut yourself a slice of devil's food cake and sink your fangs into a memoir steeped in wit, wisdom, and all out marital war.