Lovelyn Bettison writes speculative fiction with a multicultural cast.

In her stories, the normal world is slightly askew, magic happens every day, and ordinary people end up in extraordinary situations. Her novels explore the themes of loss, regret, and striving to be better. There's almost always a love story. There is definitely magic, and she likes all her ending to be the happy kind.

If you want to explore a world that is different from your own and full of quirky characters and unusual occurrences check out her books.


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The Traveler

Ruth should be over the moon because she's dating the guy she's had a crush on for months, but she has a persistent uneasy feeling in her chest. She's seeing disturbing things that aren't really there and wonders if she's losing her mind.

But that's only the beginning ...

Her bedroom closet is a door to another dimension full of mutated animals and a monster who wants to convince Ruth to do unspeakable things. When the monster kidnaps Ruth's boyfriend, will she give in and give it what it wants?