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L.R. Patton became the top secret name of an award-winning poet and author when she discovered that she had more stories to tell at a quicker pace than traditional publishing could keep up with. So she decided to take matters into her own hands and start ghost-writing for herself. (Do you know what ghost writing is? It is a term used for the act of writing a book without the name of the original author credited.)

Though she must remain beneath the cloak of invisibility, I assure you that the L.R. is a real person. She began “writing” before she even knew all her letters, spinning imaginative tales her mother didn’t think to write down. But as soon as she learned her letters, she wrote them all down for herself on the wide open space of fresh white computer paper. She had her first short story published when she was in sixth grade.

L.R. began her writing career in the field of journalism, which is a fancy word that means she was a writer (technically called a reporter) for a newspaper. She was fascinated by the true and fantastical stories of real people, and she attributes this fascination to the reason she became a novelist.

In 2015, she ended her newspaper days and began writing for at least three hours a day every day, because she believes that putting in the work is what makes a writer. She writes fiction, nonfiction and poetry, but her favorite things to write are stories for that will entertain her sons.

L.R. lives with her husband and six sons in San Antonio, Texas, where she reads as many books as she can every month—sometimes as many as 20. She writes at least 5,000 words a day, five days a week.



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The Good King's Fall

They are a peaceful land full of peaceful people who have never held a weapon before. And now they must.

Years before the kingdom of Fairendale found itself under the cruel hand of an unjust king, it was ruled by the kind and honorable King Brendon. But King Brendon has no son, only a daughter, and the laws of the land forbid women from ruling the throne. So another hopeful king, one with powerful magic that gives him a much stronger claim to the throne and a massive army at his back, marches against King Brendon and his loyal people, and they must find the strength and courage to fight or the even greater strength and courage to surrender.

“The Good King of Fairendale” is a short story full of imagination, adventure and heart.


The Secret: Fairendale Book 1

The Secret is a dark but invigorating beginning to an epic fantasy series inspired by well known fairy tales, fables and nursery rhymes, from award-winning author R.L. Toalson. This fast-paced literary fantasy is perfect for fans of Harry Potter, The Land of Stories and the Earthsea series.

The king of Fairendale carries a dark secret that he has passed along to his son, Prince Virgil—a secret that could mean the loss of Fairendale’s throne. And when a prophetess shows up at the castle with the news that there is another boy, born in the village, who carries the gift of magic—the single most important requirement for ruling the kingdom of Fairendale—Prince Virgil must now decide between saving his best friend or saving an entire village.