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L S Slayford, born February 1984, is a British paranormal and romance author, best known for her Silver Moon novels.

Her Silver Moon series centres around Luna, a woman who has been sent away to France as a young child for her own protection. Returning to America after her parents have been killed in an apparent car crash, she discovers there is much more to her family – and the world - than she can imagine. Wrapped up in a world of werewolves, Fae, vampires and ancient prophecies, Luna discovers who she really is.

L S Slayford grew up in Woking, Surrey in the southeast of England, well aware that she was the odd one out in her family. Bullied for years as a young child, she turned to reading and writing and even today, with the most stressful and painful events of her life, both have given her a way of dealing with what comes at her.

A mother of three young children, she is learning Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean with them and possesses a degree in Archaeology, specialising in Religious Archaeology.

Since she was 18, she has lived in America and China, but currently residing in Surrey while she waits to relocate to Hong Kong.

Her favourite authors include Christopher Pike, Laurel K Hamilton, Sherrilyn Kenyon and Jaymin Eve.



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Temptation of the Dhampir: A Silver Moon Novel (Book Two)

It’s been a few months since Luna arrived back in America. Since then she’s discovered her parents were murdered, her brother is now the alpha of the local werewolf pack, she’s been dumped by her boyfriend, defeated an evil Fae who wanted to take over the world using the werewolves and slept with Chase, her brother’s best friend and second-in-command.

The desire Chase kindles within her can’t be denied but Luna is desperately trying to, especially now since a new threat lurks over everyone’s heads. An evil that threatens to tear their lives apart, with Luna right at the very centre of all the chaos.

Oh, and then Luna’s ex-boyfriend turns up on her doorstep determined to win her back. What’s a girl to do when temptation looks so good?


Temptation of the Wolf: A Silver Moon Novel (Book One)

There was always something a little off about Luna’s brother and something even weirder about his older friend, Chase. Sent away to boarding school whilst she was still young, Luna returns home when her parents are killed in an unfortunate car accident.
It wasn’t until she bumps into the devilishly handsome Chase those certain weird things which happened in her childhood start making sense. However, Chase proves to be both dangerous and formidable in all areas and has now taken an interest in her despite his oath never to get involved with a human woman.
Within a short time of arriving back in her hometown it is clear that her parents’ deaths were no accident. With the police not interested, Luna turns to her brother and Chase for help.