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My Doctor Without Borders


In the aftermath of breaking up with her controlling fiance, a devastating tsunami strikes thousands of miles from home, and New York nurse Jenny sees a chance to truly make a difference in the world. After signing up for the Doctors without Borders program, Jenny starts to find her true calling in life, but then a new calling drops in her lap: Logan Summers. A colleague with a surfboard, a six-pack, and an attitude to life that Jenny may not be able to resist.


My Daredevil on the Mount

Three months ago, 36 year-old Vanessa’s marriage dissolved due to sheer boredom, and now she is finally injecting some excitement into her life - an adventure sports tour of New Zealand is just what she needs. The next stop? A skydive in the party town of Mount Maunganui. And when skydiving instructor Dan takes a personal interest in coaching her, the excitement explodes into passion. Who is she, after all, to turn down a 24 year-old stud who can barely take his eyes off her?

For an adventurous, explicit, sex-filled romance, My Daredevil on the Mount takes a hot divorcee and her toy boy stud muffin, and sends their pleasures soaring to new heights!