Cryptiquest owner and founder, Luke Reynolds, has been developing websites and multimedia for various clients within a corporate environment for over ten years. He has produced video, graphic design, web design, and interactive media projects for clients as well as run large scale volunteer groups. His passion is world building – whether for games, comics, or other media – and he’s been designing universes for as long as he’s been able to hold a pencil.


Science Fiction

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Involution: Fletcher's Squad

(Short story) A military patrol investigates a strange clearing in the woods coined the "disturbance". Upon entry, the squad discovers a mysterious phenomenon. Before they can better understand their surroundings, they become targets of a great threat and retreat. But only Sergeant Fletcher makes it back to the woods - her squad remains stuck in the disturbance. As she tries to find a way back to her squad, she soon realizes that more clearings have sprouted throughout the land - revealing greater mystery and greater threats.