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Margaret Lashley is an American writer who has been questioning the mechanisms of happiness almost from the time she was pulled unwillingly from her mother’s womb. A lonely childhood lacking love propelled her to search the world for the elusive “something more” that would make things right within her. When relationships and traditional religious beliefs left her unsatisfied, she began searching the world for answers. Her journey led her through over 35 countries and several very unusual places of spiritual enlightenment.
In 2010, while living abroad, an encounter at a mystery school in Scotland “cracked her open” to the bodily sensations of unconditional love, ecstatic bliss, and a sensation of oneness and wholeness. Since then, she has worked to discover and develop techniques to spontaneously ignite the inner joy she knew was possible. Today, she is able to call forth joy at will, and maintain it for the sheer bliss and comfort it contains. This book is part of her quest to help others do the same.


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