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mari.reiza was born in Madrid in 1973. She has worked as an investment research writer and management consultant for twenty years in London. She studied at Oxford University and lives off Portobello Road with her husband and child. She has also written Inconceivable Tales, Death in Pisa and Sour Pricks, collections of short stories; the novellas STUP, Mum, Watch Me Have Fun! and A Pack of Wolves; and the novels Marmotte’s Journey, West bEgg, PHYSICAL, Room 11, Triple Bagger, Caro M, and Opera.


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STUP: Saving the Union's Parrot

Sarah joins four politicians on a boat setting sail across the world to Save the Union’s Parrot. As they fail her one by one, she knows she needs to keep focused, if she ever wants to make it back home. An Alice in Euroland parody.


Mum, Watch Me Have Fun!

Abandoned at a posh nursery, five only-children amuse themselves. Sam reads books incessantly and dreams of becoming a loving hero. Coco floats in the air pretending that she is a free bird about to marry Paul McCartney, of her own free will. Gabi wants to be George’s nurse on ice-skating blades. Boudicca sets spelling speed records enthusiastically encouraged by Sam, when he is not reading, and dreams of tender ponies. And George dresses up as a hundred different princes and has asked for a mirror. Until one day, the gang sets up to investigate their dysfunctional relationships with their parents and devise their own healing system… A parody of parenthood. A tale of what we give to our children.


Inconceivable Tales

OBSOLETE. I was the essence of the woman once, I made her or broke her. Now I am fallen out of grace. This is my story. A quirky, angry, poignant, and sometimes uplifting tale through a woman’s fight with infertility, told from a very odd angle. ZZZ. Nothing escapes her bitter tongue as she lies wide awake next to her snoring husband. An exploration of family relationships, desire, aging, the price of success, the pain of failing and other usual monsters. IMAGINE. They see each other every morning at the coffee shop. He imagines her imagining him. She pictures him picturing her. Until their dreams infect real life to end up in tragedy. A story of escape.


Death in Pisa

An artist sets to carry out a job he will forever regret. A young professor leads a date to a gruesome end. A couple's drive which starts badly can never be redressed. Reflective short-stories on female death after a weekend in Pisa.


Marmotte's Journey

Three weeks to Christmas in Marmotte’s post-breakdown world, her neighbours either stalk her or flood her, her paperboy courts her non-existent progeny, her work colleagues’ lives are in meltdown and her shoulder devil is about to be ordained. But Marmotte is mainly fretting about losing her husband-to-be to his MBA in Singapore. Except her boss has asked her to write a piece on his wife she hates, and spending time with her is changing her. And then there’s also the mystery man in the coffee shop… The story of a heroine’s struggle to chose between love and freedom.


A Pack of Wolves

She who seeks the light sleeps with wolves: a bonsai master, a small town governor, a bus driver... Poetic, sensual and surreal, this is a short-story of a woman escaping her life in Miami to move to the mountains in Italy.