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“Addictively readable [...]
Lytton’s writing is focused, fluid, and virtually flawless.”
~ Paul Goat Allen, book reviewer for Kirkus,, & BlueInk

Melissa J. Lytton writes and publishes a variety of darkly quirky works, including science fiction novels, feminist poetry, and pop journalism, as well as performing at spoken word events.

Her work has appeared in Minot Story Hour, In the Questions: Poetry by and about Strong Women, Up, Do: Flash Fiction by Women Writers, The Multicultural Theatre Initiative’s 10 Minute Play Festival, Gothic Beauty Magazine, The University Daily Kansan, and Eidolon Career Solutions' One Life Newsletter.

She earned her MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Science Fiction from Goddard College in Vermont, where she studied under Rachel Pollack, Rebecca Brown, and Bhanu Kapil. Prior to that, she received her BA in English: Creative Writing from the University of Kansas, where she was named their first Science Fiction Scholar and won the Edgar Wolfe Award in Fiction for her short story, "Operator".

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Science Fiction

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If your dreams came to life, could you control them?
Or would they control you?

Eric Hudd is a recovering drug addict trying to keep his head down and make an honest living at the corporate art factory. When his dreams start bleeding into the waking world, he assumes years of drugs have finally caught up to him. But when other people’s dreams start bleeding over too, he can no longer dismiss the weirdness as a delusion. With his carefully-constructed sober life falling apart around him, his quest for sanity will take him to alternate dimensions, his own past, other people's bodies, and a corporate conspiracy that will have sweeping implications for all of humankind.

"A surreal hell ride through a Kafkaesque dreamscape of fear and insecurity." - National Book Reviewer Paul Goat Allen