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Melissa Rose is an author based out of small town in Georgia. Happily married, she and her husband share their home with their two beautiful children. Although her interests are numerous, she enjoy writing mainly steamy romance novels, that star hot, in-charge alpha males and their smart, sexy female lovers and companions.

Melissa first got into writing when she was fifteen. She was attracted to romance early on, and she enjoys entertaining her friends and family wither stories. An avid reader as well, she draws influence from a variety of sources, including her own experiences. She tells stories in order to make the world a brighter place and to bring joy to her readers, each of whom she considers a friend.


Women's Fiction

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The End Game (Book 1)

Detective Lilly Bruce has to work hard to prove herself in the good old boy's club known as Brook Ridge Homicide. But when a smoking hot football player ends up smack dab in the middle of a high-profile case, will Lilly follow the evidence, or trust her heart...



Out of Reach

Charlotte has worked hard for her internship in London, and she cannot wait to get started. The only problem is she wasn’t expecting to hate her new boss so damn much.

And desire him.

There is undeniable electricity between Charlotte and Joe, but she cannot act on it because she has to leave the country after a year, so they could never become something serious.

She just has to resist him for twelve short months…

But of course, it isn’t that simple and a company retreat helps to break down all of their barriers. Their passion quickly leads into something more, something dangerous, and of course there will be consequences for that.

But are they ready for those consequences? And how will they cope when their little bit of fun turns into something much more serious…


Safe Haven

**THIS IS BOOK 1 of a 4-BOOK SERIES** A long lost fantasy has finally come true for billionaire Joshua Aberdeen. Maddy, his childhood sweetheart bumps into him one day after over ten years apart. Their feelings for each other come rushing back. Maddy couldn't be happier to have Josh in her and her son's lives as she tries to seek a normal life again in the city, far away from her abusive ex. But Giovanni Senior has no intention of letting Maddy and his son slip away from him. With ties to the biggest mafia in Chicago, Maddy's ex goes too far lengths to get her and Gio back. Joshua won't let Giovanni continue to terrorize his family though and stops at nothing to keep Maddy and Gio safe.



Louise needs a scoop to kick start her journalist career, so when she’s sent to get an expose of Scott Graham – the notorious womanizing billionaire – she knows that this is her shot. Only Scott doesn’t want her to find out anything about his past – one that could ruin him. But the problem is he can’t seem to keep away from Louise.


The End Game (BOOK 1)

Detective Lilly Bruce has life figured out. That is, until a handsome football player named Jason Hathaway finds himself caught in the middle of a murder investigation. Handsome Hathaway tugs on Lilly’s heartstrings and ignites her passions in ways no man ever has.

But as she delves deeper into the case, the evidence points to Jason. He insists that he’s innocent, even in the face of the most damning evidence. As much as Lilly wants to believe him, the facts are right there before them. When the facts suddenly reveal a more startling truth, Lilly is left reeling. Her perfect world of logic and reason is turned upside down and what’s worse; Jason is in danger because she didn’t believe him. Will Jason ever forgive her for arresting him for murder?