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M.G. Gilibert has worked as a finance and strategy manager in the information technology industry for almost two decades.
Approaching his forties, and looking for a renewed purpose in his life, he finally took a leap of faith in 2016 and started to work on his first novel.
M.G. currently lives in France.

Activation is the first volume in the GAIA series.
It is followed by Revolution and Invasion.

M.G. hopes you enjoy reading the GAIA series as much as he enjoyed writing it.


Science Fiction

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ACTIVATION - The GAIA Series, Book One

The planet’s predicament is bleak and the nations of the world have run out of options. All authority now belongs to GAIA, a global artificial intelligence network.

When GAIA captures and moves citizens to a Metropolis to be brainwashed into submission, Henry, one of GAIA’s creators, realizes it’s time to fight back. Joined by his friends, they attempt to form a resistance to combat GAIA and its robots.
Meanwhile, a group of teens find themselves able to refuse to cave in and assimilate. Could they be the key to the resistance’s plan to free the world? Will they prove to be the biggest threat to GAIA?

Find out in Activation, the first volume in the GAIA book series.