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Power Play: A Reverse Harem Hockey Romance

Four hot hockey players. One woman who spends her life behind a computer screen. After watching her high school crush and his friends on the ice, things definitely heat up...

When I drunkenly message my old high school crush one night, I never imagined he’d respond. It’s been so many years and I thought he’d forgotten all about me. He hasn’t — not even close. And when we meet in person all these years later, he’s a handsome pro hockey player . . . with three equally sexy friends.

They could spend every night with a different woman, but they want me. I’ve been so focused on my job and my computer that when this complicated, real-world dilemma comes up, I’m not sure what to do.

Am I supposed to choose just one man? Or can I have them all?


Claiming Her Cowboys

Three cowboys are used to working together on their Montana ranch. Now they’re working to fulfill my every desire!

I'm sent to Montana by my New York magazine to write a travel story. Staying at a ranch, riding horses, gazing at the vast night sky — it will be like a vacation. And the bonus: the three ranch owners are all hot, muscled and 100 percent cowboy. Total eye candy.

And they all want me.

Can this city girl handle three rough cowboys? And what if they want me to be their forever cowgirl?

Claiming her Cowboys is a standalone reverse harem novella featuring three hot cowboys and one curvy, snarky woman who is their one desire. We guarantee no cliffhangers, no cheating, and plenty of cowboy hats. And cowboy boots. And cowboy rides.


All for One: A Reverse Harem Romance

What if you could have the three hottest guys from your past...

My life isn't going as planned. Divorced from an abusive ex, working at a dead-end job, struggling to stay in days are a never-ending grind. Until they come back into my life. My three best friends from high school. Rex, Shaun and Taylor. Three stunningly gorgeous men.

I'd always wanted them. I'd always loved them. Now that we're all grown up, everything I ever desired is right in my hands...and my mouth...and other places.

Warning: This is a PREVIEW of a sweet-hot reverse harem erotic romance with three panty-melting alpha males who will do anything to protect their woman. ALL FOR ONE is available free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.