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I was sitting in my brand new beach chair on the powdery soft white sandy beach near my home, sipping on a strawberry lemonade, and life was good.

As the warm ocean breeze melted against my skin I would occasionally look up from whatever novel I was buried in, and in one such moment I looked up the coastline and in the beauty of the extravagant coastal homes, and the turquoise water crashing into the sand, inspiration struck!

I knew right then and there that I wanted to create exciting and thrilling moments for people no matter where they lived.  

I felt so blessed that I was able to call such an awe-inspiring place my home, and I wanted to share that inspiration with others in the form of taking them on a mental vacation through my work.




Olivia Gaines

The title alone made me download this book. What girl hasn't drooled over the bad boy next door? I am stoked to read this book! - Olivia Gaines

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Next Door Infatuation: A Bad Boy Crime Romance Thriller

“One. Two. Three. Four.” Robin counted her breaths out, slowing her heart rate and calming herself. “One.” Robin noticed someone staring at her in the distance. “Two.” He was clearly watching her. “Three.” Robin tried to maneuver herself so that she could get a better look at her stalker without giving it away that she saw him too. “Four.” She let out her breath. The man watching her stepped forward slightly. She felt like she recognized him from somewhere. She couldn’t really see his face, but something about him seemed vaguely familiar, like from a dream. He stepped on a twig which cracked loudly beneath his foot. Robin startled giving it away that she saw him and he ran from the scene.

“Wait! Who are you?” Robin yelled at the hooded figure. “Why are you following me?” She chased...