A free spirit, a sacred activist, a wisdom keeper, community leader and author Mukti Love was born in Brazil, growing up in the forests of Rio de Janeiro. Although she graduated twice in journalism and psychology, she became a “student of life”, while travelling to more than 50 countries. Leading a life based on experience, not on theories, by doing so Mukti has inspired thousands of souls around the world and became a full-time writer in 2019.
Mukti’s remarkable writing styles are stories and subjects that have the power to transform our perceptions and direct our steps with new energy, power and optimism, moving towards a spiritual transformation on earth. A place where all colors come to life, into beauty and rain of blessings falls over you.
During 11 years living in remote areas, wild, bathing in the rivers and living in simple huts in nature, in Nepal, Mukti also worked as a spiritual tour guide, studied Yoga and Ayurveda; she created her own virtual travel agency, taking groups into sacred spaces, monasteries, holding retreats in the Himalayas, and worked as a paragliding tandem pilot.
Mukti also wrote and produced the movie Hanuman Airlines Fly over Everest, winning the first prize in the St. Hilaire Festival, France, and the best public choice award. The film was also selected for the Banff Mountain Festival in Canada, where it was ranked among the 10 best movies of the year, and travelled to more than 40 countries.
At the same time, together with her Swiss life partner and paragliding pioneer world acro-champion, David Arrufat, Mukti created the non-profit International Association for Paragliding, APPI, helping pilots in more than 120 countries. After more than two years of dedication to such a project, Mukti let go and left for the Philippines, deepening her meditation practices even more. She lived with her family in a raw food community, called Bahay Kalipay, where next to its founder, Pi Villaraza, she got in contact with ancient Shamanism through the language of music and dreams.
In Brazil, Mukti had been inspired by Susan Andrews, and the Vision of the Future eco-village, where she joined retreats in different eco-village prototypes involving permaculture, social work, ecology and spirituality. Later joining Maya’s eco-village in the Philippines, Mukti then went on to create her own healing space in Switzerland, where she also founded the Energy School and the Swiss Mindfulness Institute, offering retreats and welcoming volunteers, teachers, healers and artists from all over the world.


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Inside the Rainbow

“An enlightening, inspiring and joyful read... Filled with open, honest glimpses into [Mukti’s] real life, woven together with high doses of spirituality, sensibility, simplicity and humor.”
—Spiritual Science Monitor

Mukti Love’s 20 years-long experiments on how to live your dreams and create true happiness. Drawing on cutting-edge science, ancient wisdom, and real-world examples, Mukti delivers an engaging, eminently relatable basis for transformation.

In this lively and compelling manuscript, Mukti chronicles her adventures and studies during the decades she spent living and intercrossing different cultures. A life test-driving the wisdom of the ages, scientific research and lessons from beloved masters and spiritual teachers of humanity.