Hi, I'm Nazri, a Filipino-Malaysian author based in California. I’m trilingual, but I really only write in English. I can also speak just enough Sindarin and Valyrian to impress absolutely no one. My urban fantasy novels focus on realistic heroes who use wits, style, and their wildly unpredictable magic to (try) and save the day. Think sass and class, while kicking ass. For more about me and my books, consult a soothsayer or visit



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Death is only the beginning.

Dustin Graves was a jack of all trades, a directionless dreamer until the day he found his purpose: as a ritual sacrifice. Transformed in death, Dust awakens to the eldritch mysteries behind the grit and glamor of the city of Valero – and to the wellspring of dark magic that lives inside his very bones.

Penumbra is the prequel to author Nazri Noor's Darkling Mage supernatural suspense novels, a series that fans of Shayne Silvers, Orlando A. Sanchez, and John P. Logsdon are happy to devour. Do you like snarky heroes, snappy dialogue, and a little bit of grit and gore? Then you're in for a treat. Read the series on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited.