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Nealey Stapleton is a professional organizer, an author, a small business owner, a DIY blogger, an adoring wife, a smitten mom, a Pug lover, a hula hooping guru, a cheese addict, and a happy napper.


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Do The Opposite Of Nothing: The Ridiculously Simple Strategy For Serious Procrastinators To Go From Overwhelmed To Organized

You enter your home after a long day ready to just relax, but the first thing you see is a pile of clutter. Ugh.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

What if I told you that busting through the never ending sequence of procrastination and perpetual heaps of clutter was not only possible, but with the strategies in this book, almost painless?

Would you believe me? Maybe not. Would you want to believe me? Yes! That’s why you’re here.

And I'm so glad you are, because it means that you're a fighter, that you're not giving up, that you're going to keep trying no matter what the procrastination monster hurls at you.

Tackle this thing from a new angle and surprise the procrastination right out of existence. Sounds awesome, right?! It is.