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Nickie Cochran originally hails from the land of schnitzel, sauerkraut, and old castles where plenty of mischievous ghosts roam the halls. Unsurprisingly, her paranormal romantic comedies are all filled with German flair, love, and spunky restless souls. She currently lives in Colorado with a perfect view of America's mountain from her home.

Her books in the "Do you spook German?" series can all be read independently. Don't worry, though, you will meet most of your favorite characters again in the other novels. After all, friends don't quit friends just because a story is over. There will always be another ghostly mystery for them to solve.



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The Heidelberg Ghost

Life is good for Andrea, until that fateful night of the annual Halloween ball at the ruins of the Heidelberg Castle, when out of nowhere a muck-covered ring lands next to her foot in the courtyard. Attached to this antique ring is a mischievous ghost who claims that only “his true love” can break the spell and set him free. Soon she realizes, if she goes through with this setting-him-free-business, she could lose him forever.

Fall in love with the charming characters in this Hallmark-style paranormal romantic comedy and adventure.