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Our Mission

To bring new works of fiction and art to light.
To give people a chance to realize their dreams.

That’s what we’re all about. We want to make it possible for you to realize your dream of having a book published. We want to help remove the roadblocks between you and getting your book published. We want to make the process feel easier and less overwhelming. We’re here to do it differently.


Historical Fiction
Science Fiction

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Paper Angel Press Sampler (2017 Edition)

Words have power.

They have shape and color and tone, they have texture and subtext, they can make us think and cry and laugh and rage and ponder. A good novel has the ability to leave us yearning after its worlds for days.

Within these pages you will find samples from our collaborations with our authors. They have created new worlds for all of us to explore and enjoy. If these brief excursions into their worlds capture your imagination, check out their complete tales and experience the entire adventure they offer.