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For many, the thought of childhood conjures images of hopscotch games in quiet neighbourhoods, and sticky visits to the local sweet shop. For Penelope Sotheby, childhood meant bathing in Bermuda, jiving in Jamaica and exploring a string of strange and exotic British territories with her nomadic family. New friends would come and go, but her constant companion was an old, battered collection of Agatha Christie novels that filled her hours with intrigue and wonder.

Penelope would go on to read every single one of Christie’s sixty-six novels—multiple times—and so was born a love of suspense than can be found in Sotheby’s own works today.

In 2011 the author debuted with “Murder at the Inn”, a whodunit novella set on Graham Island off the West Coast of Canada. After receiving positive acclaim, Sotheby went on to write the series “Murder in Paradise”; five novels following the antics of a wedding planner navigating nuptials (and crime scenes) in the tropical locations of Sotheby’s formative years.

An avid gardener, proud mother, and passionate host of Murder Mystery weekends, Sotheby can often be found at her large oak table, gleefully plotting the demise of her friends, tricky twists and grand reveals.


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The Violin Murder - Preview

A Colonel is found murdered in his own home. The police suspect a burglary gone wrong. Diane Dimbleby thinks the truth might be much more disturbing…

When a friend of both Diane and her new husband is found brutally murdered, ripples of shock are sent round the small village of Apple Mews.

The police think it is a burglary gone wrong. But if that is the case why was nothing taken except an old violin? Diane had better solve this one quickly, because if a retired army man can get murdered in his own home in a quiet place like Apple Mews, then no-one is safe, not least Diane.

A curious writer, determined detectives, and a village harboring sheer evil. The Violin Murder: A Diane Dimbleby Cozy Mystery is part of a series of books by author Penelope Sotheby.


Murder on a Yacht Preview

A murdered ex-spy. A government agency that will kill to protect its secrets. Diane Dimbleby had better be careful.

Diane goes on a trip on a yacht belonging to her ex-spy and fellow author Mike. When Mike receives threats and ends up murdered on his yacht, a single clue leads Diane to Mike's publisher. It isn't long before the British Government intervenes and pressures the police into inaction. Diane, driven to find the truth, will not back down so easily and is determined to bring Mike's killer to justice.

However when the main suspect is found dead, the case takes a cataclysmic turn, and heads straight for Diane's beloved hometown Apple Mews. Has she finally met a foe who will outwit her?

If you are a fan of cozy mysteries you will love this Diane Dimbleby adventure.


Murder in the Village Preview

One Small Village. Two Connected Murders. Diane must use all her cunning in her attempt to stop a third...

Diane is attending the local village Fête. All is well until a murder during the festivities plunges her into yet another mystery.

The retired teacher-turned-author knew the baking competition this year was especially fierce, but would one of the participants really kill to win? Diane finds clues and suspects galore in her quaint, picturesque town. When another contestant is murdered in the meantime, it turns out the victims had a dark secret they were hiding, and Diane believes someone familiar--someone from the village--is responsible for their deaths.

If you are a fan of cozy mysteries you will love this Diane Dimbleby Adventure!!


Murder in the Hotel

The Attorney, The Client, The Unwinnable Case.

Daniel Swift has a problem. His client was seen leaving a hotel room where his blackmailer was found murdered.

The case seems cut and dry. In order find out what really happened however, Daniel will need to fend off a vindictive judge and do battle with a fierce District Attorney. He will also need to unravel the mysterious relationship between his client and the murder victim.

With only one chance to win the case and save his client's life, it will be the toughest fight of his career.

A determined lawyer. A client with all the evidence stacking up against him. Murder in the Hotel: A Daniel Swift Mystery is part of a new series of books by author Penelope Sotheby.


Murder in the Development Preview

A Missing Man. A Vandalized Home. Another Mystery for Diane Dimbleby.

Diane gets a surprise visit one day from Monique, a young woman whose husband Jonathan has gone missing and whose house has been vandalized. She wants Diane to help find out what happened.

Diane finds out that Jonathan had made several enemies as a result of his job but did anyone hate him enough though to commit murder? That is what Diane must find out quickly because if somebody killed Jonathan, they would have no hesitation in killing again in order to cover it up.

A curious writer. A determined detective. A missing man. Murder in the Development: A Diane Dimbleby Cozy Mystery is part of a series of books by author Penelope Sotheby.

If you are a fan of cozy mysteries you will love this.


Murder in the Neighbourhood Preview

A fatal "accident". A caretaker who knows more than he is letting on. Diane Dimbleby has her work cut out.

When Diane's dear friend and neighbour is found dead by one of her caretakers, Diane is traumatized. The caretaker's story of an accidental fall isn't adding up and Diane uncovers a clue that contains a cryptic message.

The evidence leads Diane to a remote Island. What she finds there points to something premeditated, something sinister. Soon, Diane finds herself in the centre of a whodunit and she must once again use her ingenious wit to save her own life and uncover the killer.

A curious writer. A determined detective. Suspects crawling out of the woodwork. Murder in the Neighbourhood: A Diane Dimbleby Cozy Mystery is part of a series of books by author Penelope Sotheby.


Murder in the Mail Preview

Just when things were getting back to normal in the small English village of Apple Mews, Diane is knee-deep in the middle of another whodunit.

When Monica, a traumatized girl from a nearby town appears on her doorstep, mystery author Diane Dimbleby is baffled by what Monica received in the mail - a macabre package that contains a severed finger. Clues are beginning to add up, and so are potential suspects. How is Monica involved? Whose finger did she receive in the mail? And can Diane catch the killer before he or she strikes again?

A curious writer. A determined detective. A not-so-special delivery. Murder in the Mail: A Diane Dimbleby Cozy Mystery is part of a series of books by author Penelope Sotheby.

If you are a fan of cozy mysteries you will love this.


Murder on the Village Green Preview

The discovery of a dead man leads Diane Dimbleby onto her most macabre case yet.

When Diane discovers a dead stranger while taking a stroll through the village green, she and everyone else are shocked. Who is he? How did he die? Diane decides to find out.

An overlooked clue leads Diane to a hotbed of evil. The like of which she has never seen before. With her life now at stake, just how far the killers will go to protect their empire.

Join Diane as she races against the clock to uncover the truth and to fend off a diabolical criminal ring. A criminal ring that has now set their sights on Diane.

A curious writer. Double-crossing killers. A determined detective. Murder on the Village Green--A Diane Dimbleby Cozy Mystery is the first in a series of books by author Penelope Sotheby.



Murder in the Manse Preview

A murdered minister in his manse.  Murdered because of a secret.  A secret that he told to only one other person. Has Diane Dimbleby taken on too much this time?

When the local church minister is found dead, the clues lead the police towards a discrepancy in the church records.  A discrepancy involving the name of a young child! How could this lead to murder? The police are baffled.

So too is Diane, who is eager to find out who murdered her friend.  She will need to put all her detective skills to good use to unravel the truth, but when it appears that even those close to her may be lying, the truth is not so easily revealed.

If you are a fan of cozy mysteries that contain an ingenious but modest woman sleuth then you will love this Diane Dimbleby adventure.


Murder in Aruba

Murder in Aruba is a cozy, tropical mystery with a persistent and lovable heroine who gives a whole new meaning to “putting it all on the line” for her job. This is the fifth and final installment of the Murder in Paradise series by author Penelope Sotheby. The rest of the titles in the collection are available now.

If you are a fan of cozy mysteries that contain an ingenious but modest woman sleuth then you will love Anna Winters’ fifth adventure.

Murder in Aruba – the Murder in Paradise Cozy Mystery Series Book 5.



Murder in the Highlands Preview

In a Scottish Castle in the remote Scottish Highlands, nobody can hear you scream.

When Diane Dimbleby, a retired school teacher, travels to a remote castle in the Scottish Highlands to visit her friends, the last thing she expects to encounter is an apparent murder. But she does just that and is asked for help in finding out who or what the killer is.

Was it the lover of the victim?
Was it the husband of the lover?
Was it an animal activist who has a history of making violent threats?

A dead body in a room that has been ripped apart, yet there are no marks on the body. What exactly happened in that room?

Diane seeks to find the answers that are puzzling the local police.But with someone or something dangerous on the loose and the hotel on lockdown, will she make it out alive?



Murder on the Beach Preview

A mysterious and violent murder on a beach. The police are closing in on their No.1 suspect – Diane Dimbleby.

When Diane travels to the seaside town of Plymouth for a family wedding, she expects to have a good time. However, a bizarre encounter on the beach with a young man turns into a nightmare when the man is found murdered on the beach shortly afterwards and Diane was the last person to see him alive.

The police are certain that Diane had something to do with it and are relentless in their pursuit. The suspects pile up and Diane discovers that a detective on the case has secrets of her own. Diane must race to find out the truth as it is not just truth and justice that are at stake, it is her own freedom and reputation.


Murder in Bermuda

Event planner, Anna Winters, wants nothing more than to ensure the wedding reception for millionaire Tony Giovani and his beautiful new bride, Meadow, proceeds without a hitch. So far, things have gone exactly as planned.

Just when Anna is about to call the night a smashing success, the police are summoned to investigate a murder. The cake was poisoned, the groom is dead and suddenly everyone's a suspect.

Murder in Bermuda is the first installment in the "Murder in Paradise" cozy mystery series by author Penelope Sotheby.

If you are a fan of cozy mysteries that contain an ingenious but modest woman sleuth then you will love Anna Winters' first adventure.


Murder in the Village

The Apple Mews Centennial Fête is right around the corner and the locals are busy preparing for the big day. Quirky personalities abound as tables and tents are set up on the green, and now everyone is waiting to hear the results of the hotly debated baking contest. All is dandy until a murder during the festivities plunges Diane Dimbleby and Inspector Darrell Crothers together in yet another mystery.

Apple Mews is supposed to be peaceful. You should be able to trust your neighbors. Diane is tasked with her most personal case to date and it looks like timing is running out to save the next victims.

A curious writer. A determined detective. Too many suspects and not enough evidence. Murder at the Fête: A Diane Dimbleby Cozy Mystery is part of a series of books by author Penelope Sotheby.


Murder at the Inn

Retirees Maureen and Daniel Bennett inherited the local bed and breakfast,The Last Chance Inn,and have been carefully renovating it for the past ten years.When one of the Bennett’s two guests is found lying in a pool of blood by their resident housekeeper, they gather with the inn’s sole occupant and anxiously wait for the authorities to arrive.
When Inspector Jack Wilson appears on the scene, he knows almost immediately something isn’t adding up.A missing million dollar lottery ticket proves to be the murderer’s motive,but the suspect list is growing.His investigation leads him to the mainland and back as he slowly closes in on the killer.With an island full of locals who are good at keeping secrets,Jack discovers finding the guilty party isn’t going to be as easy as he once thought.