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Women's Fiction

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Wrangled by the Rancher

Melody Wright: I'm from out of town. Down on my luck and looking for work, I took a job at the Good Nature Ranch. They needed a mechanic and I'm the best around. Nobody told me this place was owned by a billionaire playboy jerk, but now that he's shown up, he's all I can think about. He's got me hot, bothered and considering giving up my tomboy ways. I guess that means also giving up my virginity. I hope he's gentle!

Thaxton Crandall: I can't believe they hired a female mechanic. What's she gonna do, paint my tractor's nails? I've got to admit, though...she's starting to turn me on. Her tough spirit and hidden curves have me feelin' weak in the knees. I can imagine settling down with a woman like that. But first, I've got to wrangle her and make her mine.

For mature readers only!