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Forbidden Desire: My Husband Is Not Your Blessing

Deja and the kids are my life.
But my life is getting boring.
Everyday is the same, nothing changes
I go to work, church, no sex, and bills due.
Then I noticed Kim.
I'm willing to leave everything and explore another life.
But is it worth it?


Grown Woman: Guide for Becoming an Extraordinary Woman

This guide was written to help you move from being an average woman to becoming an extraordinary woman. How many times have you put yourself on the back burner? At some point in time we have all been guilty of that. In reality, you cannot become the best version of you while putting yourself last. Your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health all depend on you prioritizing your life appropriately. Grown women understand what's important and what isn't. As you read this book, you'll come face to face with you. The only thing that is preventing you from becoming an extraordinary woman, is YOU. It's time to evict the afraid little girl inside of you and become the confident extraordinary woman that you're destined to be.



Sasha is a single mother and youngest of three sisters. Drama follows her everywhere and her sisters, Stacey and Randi are fed up with her temper and untamed tongue. Their relationship with Sasha seems toxic due to her unbearable irresponsible lifestyle. She faces many trials and reacts harshly, failing to consider the consequences of her actions. Using her beauty to get herself out of trouble was typical, until finally she had a wake up call after killing two people.


The Player

Justin Allen and Kesha Jones were the perfect high school couple until he gets drafted to the NBA and becomes unfaithful. With the pressure from his new found popularity, he forgets what matters most to him. Kesha his now college girlfriend. To keep him, she begins to compromise what she believes and the promises that were made to God. Will Kesha get fed up and decline a life of fame and fortune with Justin or choose a basic life without him?