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I'm Rachel McCollin and I write dystopian and post-apocalyptic thrillers.

I'm told that the world wants upbeat, cheerful stories - well, I'm sorry but I can't help. My stories have an uncanny habit of predicting future events (and not the good ones). They're inspired by my work at the Environment Agency and the Labour Party and explore issues like climate change, Islamophobia, the refugee crisis and sexism in high places.

But the most important thing is that they're a cracking read with gripping plots.

You can read the opening chapters of my next novel in advance or join my advance reader team by joining my book club at


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The Flood

'Hurricane Victoria, they called it. Such a British name. So full of history, and patriotism, and shades of Empire.'

Little did they know it would devastate London and send an exodus of refugees north.

In this companion set of prequel stories to the novel 'Exile', discover how Sonia, Jess, Ben and Ruth Dyer are forced to leave London as it descends into chaos. Will they reach Leeds and their eventual coastal destination safely?