R.A. Lindo is the author of the Kaira Renn fantasy series set in The Society for the Preservation of Magical Artefacts. The first book in the series 'The Sign of the Symean' is available as a preview on Prolific Works. As one Amazon customer has stated: "If you like the Harry Potter series, you should definitely give this a try."


Teen & Young Adult

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PREVIEW of The Sign of the Symean (A Fantasy Adventure Book One)

Strap in. The magical adventure awaits...

When twelve-year-old Kaira Renn discovers she is part of a magical family, she leaves the comfort of childhood and enters a place like no other: The Society for the Preservation of Magical Artefacts. Here, Kaira meets Guppy Grayling and learns how to use magic, conjuring spells, charms and remedies. As their wizadry improves, Kaira and Guppy begin to investigate the mysterious events surrounding the magical society, soon realising that all is not well...