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I've spent my years in a variety of jobs - once I decided to stop going to school after spending five years 'trying' to get some kind of degree. I've worked crappy jobs at alarm companies, liquor stores, grocery stores. I've spent time in the U.S. Army until I messed up a knee and was medically discharged. I worked for a few years as a deputy sheriff basically fighting inmates at the local country maximum security jail. Worked with the state of Texas at their food stamp office (very short job).

Went on (after a short time being ill and not working) to work for an insurance company reconciling the membership of company insurance plans. Left that job for the real estate racket (sold one house in the first year and still made the same amount of money as the insurance job.) Brushed up old skills and found a job working computers right before the Y2K thing. Studied my butt off and learned how to be a database administrator and did that for over twenty years. Now, I work as an information security officer specializing in database security. An interesting role which always keeps me on my toes.

Thanks for reading my stuff and I do enjoy constructive criticism about my writing. I cannot get better if all you do is give me a bad review without saying why. The same goes for the good reviews – tell me why you liked it so I can repeat it the next time.


Science Fiction

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Battle At Pirate's Bay

In the distant future, humans have colonized hundreds of planets and thousands of moons and asteroids. We travel between planets in large numbers and have made advances in all aspects of human achievement.

At least they don't have to worry about other species competing with us. – Well, until now.