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His Boss's Baby

I’ve nursed a crush on my ridiculously sexy boss, Carrick, since I first came to work for Trois Tech. Sure, he’ll never see me as anything more than his secretary, but an omega can dream, right?

Or fantasize, to be exact.

Then I go into heat unexpectedly during a really important retreat, and everything changes when Carrick offers to help me out of it… and he offers to help the old-fashioned way.

You know, the way that tends to result in pregnancy when there’s no protection--and we weren’t exactly thinking about condoms while we were tearing each other’s clothes off.

I doubt my career-obsessed boss will want to be a father, but I’ll never know until I give him a chance.



The Half-Wolf's Omega (18+)

Paranormal MM Mpreg Romance

Guy has never been able to get his childhood sweetheart out of his head, but Sean left him cold for a shifter with better connections and more money. Now that the tables have turned in the Apocalypse, can these star-crossed lovers find a second chance at happily ever after?