Ravyn Wilde writes hot  romantic books with strong, capable women and happily-ever-after endings. She has been published since 2002 and is a firm believer in escapism, preferring to read and write stories that have little basis in the real world.

She lives in Utah and has been married to the love of her life for many decades. She has three wonderful grown children, and lots of beautiful, smart, and really fun grandchildren.  

About Ravyn:
Her idea of paradise includes a book, a beach, and a cold drink with a little umbrella! Unfortunately the beach is always a vacation away...

She can be vicious without her daily infusion of caffeine. Her family is well-trained—knowing to never pass a coffee shop without bringing home an offering of love and devotion…in the form of a latte!

Withholding caffeine is often used as punishment in her household. Like the time Ravyn made them all hike down a cliff to the green sand beach, she wasn’t allowed caffeine for 24 hours.

She is blessed with an understanding and supportive family. Even if that family has given her the nickname Ravyn Lunatic!

Ravyn believes life isn’t worth living unless there is family-time, beach-time, and/or hammock-time. And of course…writing-time!


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