My mission: to keep you up past bedtime, turning just one more page!

I have always loved reading and for years I wanted to write, but lack of time and, to be honest, feelings of inadequacy, blocked me.

A few years ago I plucked up the courage and began writing my first novel. It was awful! I learnt a lot!
I began ‘Primitive’ in May 2015 with the intention of writing a story that readers wouldn’t want to put down. I also needed to work through my feelings of anger at the horrors that were unfolding daily across the world.

I have a PhD in Medieval Culture from Birmingham University where I also worked as a Research Fellow. Before I immersed myself in learning, I lived, worked, and loved, in lands over the seas and far away.

I live in perpetual chaos among the flatlands of the Humber estuary with my noisy and boisterous children (apart from a grown up one who lives down the road and is rather calm and lovely) and Biscuit, a very naughty black Labrador.

Every experience I have had, and everything that I am, threads through my writing.


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Women's Fiction

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