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My love affair with fantasy started when I began perusing my father’s book shelves after being bored by the local library’s selection of children’s books. This was before“young adult” was a recognized genre. I dove into my dad’s collection and fate and David Eddings took over.

Despite several setbacks, and a whole book full of rejections, here I am a teacher and a writer. If you’d asked me what I wanted to do when I was a kid I would have told you that I wanted to teach and write. I’ve been writing and teaching for close to two decades. I love both jobs. I joke and tell my students that writers get paid to make stuff up and who wouldn’t love that job? I also get to see my kids’ eyes light up when they read or write something they love. I have two wonderful jobs.

I’ve been blessed with a very supportive husband who never minds when I rattle off about imaginary people as if they really exist, a little girl who seems to have inherited my imagination, God help us, and friends who are always happy to celebrate a new publication. Here’s hoping we’ll be celebrating many more books in the years to come.

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