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Romilly is in love with good stories. Ever since childhood, she has read voraciously across multiple genres, and she likes to write across multiple genres, too, from the romantic to the edgy to the strange, often a combination of them all. She loves music, poetry, peace, laughter, and mountains, and she lives in Tennessee with a close circle of family.


Historical Fiction
Historical Romance
Women's Fiction

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Deadfalls: A Short Story

Bethany takes a hike in the woods to get a breather from her unhappy home. Though she intends to be home before dark, the forest, with its lengthening shadows, has other plans.


Double Shot

Double Shot features two Old West short stories with time travel elements. In Beautiful Dreamer, Kendra, an old-fashioned girl in a modern, digital world, discovers, through a magical music box, a connection with a mysterious young man and a lifelong dream. In Guitar Traveler, Lucy, a talented, ambitious woman living in the Old West, experiences, through music, hints of a far-future life that give her the courage to cut loose and fulfill her destiny.



Thy Eternal Summer: A Golden Years Romance

Sarah Harrison is a housewife and the mother of two grown children but her marriage is tainted by alcoholism and emotional abuse. When her husband Ed drowns in a river at an RV park in Tennessee, she’s on her own for the first time in her life. She can’t drive the Winnebago to return to their home in North Carolina. Max McCloud, newly retired from NASA, is parked next to Ed and Sarah’s Winnebago. He designs aircraft components online with his friends and misses his late wife, Adela, who died the previous year. He befriends the newly widowed Sarah and offers to drive her home in her Winnebago. Can their new friendship and potential romantic attachment overcome the memories of their deceased spouses and provide them with the kind of Golden Years they both desire?