Rose Francis writes interracial romance (mostly BWWM).
She has been writing from a very early age and is thrilled to have a platform that allows her to bring her tales to the public!


Women's Fiction

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A Tangled Web (BWWM Interracial Romance)

Kimberly Jordan never meant to hurt anyone.
But once a DNA test reveals her longtime boyfriend, Damien, is her half-brother, plus she finds out she’s pregnant, she will go to any length to hide her horrible secret.
Unfortunately for Kent Davenport, he’s the perfect fall guy for her plan, having recently revealed his love for her. But unfortunately for Kimberly, dirty little secrets always come out.

'A Tangled Web' is a complete, standalone tale (no cliffhanger, HEA) and the first book in the Dangerous Secrets series—unrelated new adult interracial love stories starring main characters with a secret so big, it threatens to derail, or even destroy, their most important relationships, their personal character, or their entire lives.