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Runjhun Noopur is a lawyer who doesn’t do law. Instead she spends her time staring at the Moon and writing about life, happiness and everything in between. When the Moon is unavailable, she can be found moonlighting as an entrepreneur, a happiness coach and co-founder of a leadership and happiness training initiative called Creative Procepts.

A prolific blogger, she has a fast growing blog on Medium. She is also a contributor for the Huffington Post. Her other writing credits include the Times of India, Hinduism Today , India Currents , Eternal Solutions ,Thought Catalog, Chicken Soup for the Indian Soul—Book of Miracles (2012) and the Best of the Speaking Tree collection (Vol. IV). She was also one of 10 writers who were chosen for AIB’s First Draft Writers’ Residency Program 2016.


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#Urdu-- A Sufi Celebration of Life

Move over French, there is a new a language of love in town. #Urdu

#Urdu is exactly what it says on the cover--a Sufi celebration of life, love, humanity and values that seem to be losing their sheen. A collection of simple, relatable and everyday life lessons inspired by one of the most romantic, lyrical delight of a language, Urdu.

A native of undivided India, Urdu is a symbol of of the fluidity of our cultures, and how illusory our geographical, social and political boundaries actually are. #Urdu celebrates the language, and its spirit of love, solidarity, humanity, and of course, the ideas essential to a good, fulfilling life. And because Urdu is a language of poets, these meditations on good life are riddled with some of the finest Urdu poetry.