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In my ninth grade English class, I wrote a short story about a football team that was taking the bus home after winning the championship and chanting, "We're number one!" when they ran off a cliff and plummeted to a fiery death. Funny, right? The story ended with an attempt at profundity: "No one is invincible," I wrote, desperately trying to be serious, but also setting the tone for my later work--dark, thrilling, and mysterious.

Unbeknownst to me, my teacher shared that story with members of the football team. I was mortified. The team captain stopped me in the hallway, pushed me up against a locker, and said, "That was the best story I have ever read."

I've been writing ever since. I now live in Washington D.C. with my wife, son, and Shiba Inu. I'm just an English teacher, but I'm lucky to have good friends who are medical examiners, high-ranking military officers, and top-secret spies, a plus for any mystery writer.

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