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S.A. Ashdown is a fantasy author, currently working on her Norse mythology based Descendants of Thor Trilogy. She has articles published in Kindred Spirit and Writing Magazine, including the competition-winning short story, 'Trolled', which features in her 'Urban Fairy Tales' short story collection. In addition, her work has appeared in two anthologies. In the future, she intends to publish a range of YA and NA fantasy standalones and series.

Her interests include ancient history, mythology and folklore, witchcraft, feminism, and lots of other interesting stuff.

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Forged in Blood and Lightning

Hey, I’m Theo Clemensen, and on my twenty-first birthday, my genetic destiny warped me into the living embodiment of the world’s Magic. Trouble is, my paranoid father and half-Elven uncle never told me I’d become a cosmic syphon for the Nine Realms of existence, or that my survival stands between Life itself and the End of All Things.

Now my hometown of Hellingstead is crawling with vampires and witches desperate to destroy the one thing that threatens us all, and they need my magic to do it. But the Praetoriani are watching my every move. My mother died at their hands and the man responsible is out there somewhere…

…And no supposed destiny is going to stop me avenging her.