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Demon Ties

At the time of their graduation, wizards summon a creature to become their aid through life. Responding to a dare, Yuval of Aelion performs this summon far before his time. In punishment for the transgression he is banished from Aelion, his summon sealed away. Disgraced, he vows to recover his rightful summon at any cost.

While trespassing at a temple, warrior Amath is sucked out of his dimension and brought to an entirely different one. Before he can even comprehend what is going on, he’s sealed away in a crystal, only to be unsealed what is clearly years later. Hoping to find a way home, he agrees to temporarily help the wizard who has freed him.

Will Yuval be able to control his demon the time to convince him to stay, or will the demon consume him first? Will they find a way home for



After years of slumber, Tyler Talbot wakes to find himself alone in a world that has changed – a world that has revived beyond his people’s wildest dreams. Unable to believe he is the last human standing, he goes in search of other survivors, but what he finds is not quite what he expected.

Hazen’Ba, a Sinait warrior, thought he had enough on his plate already when he finds Tyler roaming the forests. The stranger looks like a being from old stories, stories he has not believed since he was a young child. Wanting to know more about this man, he takes him under his wing and tries to protect him from the suspicion and fear of his kin.

With more than a language barrier standing in their way, can Tyler avoid the suspicions of the survivors? And will Hazen’Ba side with his own kind in the end?


Café Lov

or Tatsuya Tobe everything has a price, it’s just a matter of finding the right combination of numbers. He has never been told “no” more than once, so the word just doesn’t register in his vocabulary. Or at least, it didn’t until he met gorgeous blue-eyed Ivan, who refused each and every offer he made.

Coffee Shop owner Ivan Orlova is presented with the opportunity of a lifetime: to sell his shop for more than it’s worth, more even than he’s invested in it. The problem? He doesn’t want to sell, and he might just have a tiny crush on the annoying guy trying to push the purchase.

As a relationship blossoms between them, they each must face a difficult choice. Will their feelings survive and their love conquer all?


Touch Starved

Recently removed from the life he knew, from his family, and from the land that saw his birth, Rajnish Nayar finds himself lonely. On this new country, on his birthday, what could have been a fatal accident helps him rediscover himself, and perhaps, find a second chance at love.

Erotica writer Stephen Kouris has trouble keeping friends. He has even more troubles keeping lovers, even though all he wants is someone to be by his side always. When he meets exotic Rajnish Nayar, his interest is immediately piqued. Could this shy man be the one? And could he get him to admit his feelings, despite the cultural differences?