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America Marble, Pen Name Sapphire Winters:
I love writing romance, short stories, western & christian romance books. When I'm not writing, I'm a busy housewife, mom, and a d.i.y-er of all projects and crafts. You can visit my other sites here:
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The Fall, The Ice Catcher Trilogy

Please know this is Not a stand alone book!

Steamy Dragons, Powerful Witches, And Bad Boy Wolves, Oh My!
Sapphire enters the Twin Dragon's academy, only to find out, it was not what she thought it would be. Owned by two sexy dragon brothers who claimed shes their mate, and full of all kinds of immortal creatures, but only an immortal can enter. Does that make her immortal too? If so, what kind? Join Sapphire as she escapes the dragons, only to be captured again, and again, in a never ending quest to open an eighth world everyone thought didn't exist.
Truths of the past are uncovered, new friendships are formed, and alliances are shattered in this epic fantasy fiction adventure and paranormal romance.