Writer of the Explicit Series, Scarlett Finn has published over a dozen romance novels.
Finding her solace in books, reading and writing have been her eternal companions through all the highs and lows of life.
Be it romantic suspense or contemporary romance, she loves to explore the mystery of love and is guided by the complex heroes and strong heroines who lead the way.
Writing what she loves to read, her raunchy novels jump into action from page one and keep the reader on their toes all the way to the end.
It’s an adventure and you’re invited along for the ride!


Other (Fiction)

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Ruin Me

Saying no would've been the smart choice. Too bad Tulsi Tern is out of options.

Tulsi’s date goes from fiasco to fatal before she knows what she’s stumbled into. Locked up by thugs, kidnapped by gangsters, she’s paying the price for her date’s devious dealings.
Along for the ride, she has to keep her wits. Only one man seems capable of protecting her and it isn’t the one who paid for dinner.