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To some, being the middle child is not where they want to be in the birth order.
You either want to be the older child – who gets away with everything – or the baby – who gets everything, leaving the poor middle child, well –stuck in the middle!

Definitely not me. It was exactly where I wanted to be. Receiving less attention gave me precisely what I wanted.


I was what you would call fantasy-prone and needed solitude to escape into my fictional world.
I could get high on dream dope for hours on end, running around between dreams and visiting my fictional best friends and other characters in the warm cocoon of my inner world.

Entering my teenage years, I discovered Mills & Boon Romance Novels. I crept out of my own fantasies into the imaginings of my favorite authors.
There, in a world constructed out of the 26 letters of the alphabet, I was the leading lady, and every other week I would fall in love with a new beautiful alpha male; travel to exotic places and experience many erotic moments.

Dreaming and reading inevitably spilled over into writing. I am and remain a fantasy-prone-escapist who now pens down her musings.
Through my writing, I hope to open a proverbial Narnia’s Door to each and every one of you.
Just turn to that first page and come on in!

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