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The year Scott was born was like any other, though a commemorative
quarter was produced to celebrate his arrival (or so he assumes). He
grew up in a place in America that’s a little too hot and now lives in a
place in America that’s a little too cold. Growing up, he hated reading
anything that didn't have cool drawings of muscular men wearing spandex
punching other muscular men wearing spandex. That is until he found a
book that transported him to a world full of knights, elves, dragons,
and gods. In the time that followed, he’s devoured many worlds.

A few years ago, he discovered a gateway to another world very much like
Earth, but so very different. In the time that followed, he’s struggled
with telling the story, but he is coming forward with a tale of another
who was lured into a gateway much like himself. If there’s one lesson to
be learned from this story, if you do find yourself on another world,
keep your wits about you, trust sparingly, and let your imagination fly.


Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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Dragon Cave Mountain (Book 1 of the Everstone Chronicles)

Tired of being bullied, little dragon, Zookie, runs away from home. His mom looks for him, but she's captured by an evil wizard. To get his dad's help, Zookie must rely on an odd collection of strangers to make it back home to...
Dragon Cave Mountain!


Subject 624

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After developing enhanced physical abilities, sixteen-year-old Conor Ferguson does what any teenager would do. He prowls the streets at night fighting crime.

Conor’s concern grows when he notices a sharp upturn in muggings and assaults by teens his age. To make things worse, the perpetrators all seem to be teens around his age. With the help of his friends, Nathen and Carina, Conor must fight increasingly violent and mutating teens to save his family and the city, but can he fight the demons rising up in him?


The Gatekeeper (The Gatekeeper Trilogy Book 1)

Gaige Porter is special. He just doesn’t know it yet.

When a strange girl shows up in his class after he dreamed of her, he doesn’t know what to make of it. He had never met her before. Things only get weirder from there.

He is lured into a gateway to another world much like Earth, but very different. Along with Seanna Bryant and Aoife Connelly, he must face danger, friendship, and betrayal while he tries to figure out where he belongs and what it means to be a hero.